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We would like to share what our customers are saying about Arioso Consulting:

"...Phil was a key individual in the successful start up of a new facility which included hiring all employees, implementing ISO procedures, production processes, corporate policy and health and safety."

"...We are entrusting to Phil the co-ordination of the company’s move to Montreal."

"...thank you for being part of our team efforts."

"...Phil has overseen construction, moves, additions and changes, as well as offered guidance on policy making and system implementation."

" asset to any company as his dedication to the task at hand has always accomplished the results which were desired."

"...helping with the planning, organizing and management of a key project. He showed great leadership skills and management ability, he always had a strong work ethic."

"...Phil joined our organization to assist in the startup of a joint venture company ….Phil is confident and dedicated, spending the extra time required for this project."

"...the result was a well designed facility suited to the need of a specialized technically oriented business and under budget."

"...designed and supervised the installation of all security systems throughout the company."

"...worked with an outside computer systems analyst in designing a fully integrated custom software."


Railway 101 Consulting Services Inc.

Railway 101 Consulting Services Inc.
delivering railway-based training & services to firefighters, police, EMS, companies and corporations for over 36 years.
providing affordable and professional web design, hosting, domain registration and computer training services..


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