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Infrared Thermography operates by measuring the infrared energy of any objects surface and producing a detailed visual image showing its temperature profile. Arioso Consulting Services Inc. can provide Infrared Imaging services for a number of reasons including:

Property & Facility Management to avoid business interruption

Moisture & Restoration

Building Diagnostics

Veterinarian Applications

Emergency Response


Infrared thermography is a powerful & non-invasive method of monitoring and troubleshooting the conditions of buildings.

Infrared thermography operates by measuring the infrared energy of any objects surface and producing a detailed visual image showing its temperature profile. Since IR operates without physical contact, it gives building managers a safe, on-line, and cost effective means to evaluate a buildings operating integrity. While many borderline problem areas typically remain undetected during an off-line physical inspection, they can easily be seen using infrared.

Aside from detecting heat and energy loss in structures, it has proved to be an accurate & effective tool in today’s facilities predictive maintenance (PdM) programs.

Electrical Equipment

Some examples of electrical equipment where thermography is used:

Primary power source i.e. outdoor high voltage switchyard



Low voltage installations i.e. breaker panels, faulty electrical outlets/wall sockets

Fuse panels

Motor control centers (MCC)

Electrical cabinets

Faulty Breaker Panel   Infrared Image showing faulty breaker panel

Inspection of this breaker panel discovers that the
two left connections are overheated.

Mechanical Equipment

Some examples of mechanical equipment where thermography is used:

Pumps (overheated connections, fuse problems, overloaded electrical cables etc.)

Process valves (open, closed, leakage)

Storage tanks (sludge levels)

Pipelines (check if and where there are anomalies, for example locate build up of scale etc.)

Motors (overheating bearings, misalignment, overheated windings)

Conveyor belts (overheated bearings)

Infrared Imaging for Industrial PlantsThermal Imaging for Property and Facility Management

In Industry, excessive amounts of heat emitted by machinery or electrical components can be a sign of something more serious. Most plants, factories, and businesses have processes in place to protect workers from the potential failure of deteriorating machinery. However, these procedures often are very limited in their effectiveness, because certain anomalies cannot be detected by a visual view alone.

In Industrial Plants, thermal imagers are used to spot a host of potential problems, such as overheating electrical circuits, ducting failure, hot bearings, or dangerous heat levels for chemicals, before they develop into major problems that can cause extensive damage and lead to expensive repairs or claims. Because thermography is non-contact and nondestructive, there is no need to interrupt production or plan for costly shutdowns. We can inspect your equipment under normal loads and operating conditions, so you don’t have to disrupt your service and production schedules. By testing the operation of your systems in ‘real time’ our inspections can help you understand the practical impacts of emerging component problems as they are happening, not after it’s too late.

Many points can be inspected in a single day. In a matter of hours, our infrared tests can develop a complete catalog of the hidden thermal stresses in your operating equipment. How valuable would it be to know that a component had a high potential for failure BEFORE it actually failed?  We will develop an individual trending program for your facility that will show trend profiles and a “histogram” of specific components. Over time you will be able to see the changes in certain parameters and operating temperatures of machines and circuits. You will even be able to see the changes in specific parts within those machines and circuits. Through multiple scans, this information will help prevent total shutdowns because of undetected premature mechanical deterioration. Typical mechanical systems monitored in a predictive maintenance infrared program include: bearings, motors, pumps, compressors and conveyor idlers.


Whether you need to restore property from moisture, mold, or fire damage, you know the value of having comprehensive and accurate information at your fingertips. Insurance companies need information fast to start claims work. Your customers need information so they can get their property restored. And you need information so you can make estimation and reporting trouble free.

From start to finish, infrared cameras can help you simplify your restoration and remediation jobs. Advanced features help you quickly scan large areas to assess what is restorable. An infrared camera helps you pinpoint water intrusion, find moisture beneath the surface, and document dryness with accuracy and confidence.

Deteriorated roof shown by Infrared Camera

In this infrared image, the deteriorated areas of the roof are clearly shown at the time of inspection.


Poor or inadequate insulation, moisture, building envelope leaks, and substandard work are costly to residential and commercial building owners. An infrared camera can help you quickly see where energy efficiency can be improved.

Infrared cameras make it easy to improve energy efficiency and locate repairs with minimal disruption.

Infrared cameras instantly show you what is wet and what is dry. IR cameras can help find the sources of trouble with minimal impact to people and buildings.

The infrared image shows insulation issues on a house facade causing severe energy losses.

The infrared image shows insulation issues on a house facade causing severe energy losses.

Air Tightness and Thermal Imaging Testing are important quality control measures when building or renovating a house. Heat losses in building can account for up to 50% of the total energy consumption and comes from air leakage throught chimneys, attics, wall vents and badly sealed windows/doors, etc.

Infrared Imaging to Maximize Energy Efficiency
Infrared Imaging for Home Inspections
Infrared Imaging to find leaks

A “whole building” approach is needed to maximize energy efficiency of a building or a home. Indoor environment can be compromised by poor insulation, poorly sealed windows and doors, inadequate or poorly sealed ductwork, plumbing leaks, or other plumbing issues relating to Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

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including Equine and Farm Animal Thermography

The infrared heat that an animal emits from its body can be "viewed" with an infrared camera. The heat patterns that can be seen show a trained practitioner how the blood flow is normal, or abnormal, in a particular animal. Blood flow can be either increased or decreased, both indications of health problems.

Infrared Imaging for Veterinarian Applications   Infrared Imaging for Veterinarian Applications

Thermography is a qualitative assessment of temperatures. The infrared camera measures temperature automatically and shows a thermal image with different colours for different temperatures. A "hot spot" indicates inflammation or increased circulation. Hot spots generally are seen in the skin directly overlying an injury. A cold spot is a reduction in blood supply usually due to swelling, thrombosis, or scar tissue.
There can be "artifacts" found when using a thermography camera, so experience is a key to diagnosis. If legs have been wrapped, or blisters or liniments have been used, they will show up as areas with increased heat. Thermal symmetry is the rule - you compare one anatomic area with the same area on the other side (i.e., outside foreleg to outside foreleg).

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Fire detection and analysis, site safety, disaster analysis, crash site analysis, search and rescue applicatons.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capable of carrying video, still and infrared cameras.Through an associated company we can now offer the ability to view properties and sites from the air utilizing a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) capable of carrying video, still and infrared cameras. Click here for more information.


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Photos were provided courtesy of FLIR Canada and remain their sole property. ARIOSO Consulting Services Inc. is an independent contractor and has no legal affiliation with FLIR.


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